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Focus on Learning

St John Vianney's Mulgrave

At St John Vianney’s we believe that student learning is our core business. We believe that every child should be provided with opportunities to realise their full potential. We endeavour to create positive relationships between school and home in an effort to maximise every student’s learning.


The Victorian Curriculum and the CEM Horizons of Hope, Learning and Teaching documents are the basis for all our teaching programs. Our policies and practices are child-centred and are designed to consider the needs of all students. Improved student outcomes, monitored progress of learning and differentiation of the curriculum for all students are at the forefront of our work. Literacy and Numeracy have a strong focus throughout the school. At St John Vianney’s we also recognise the importance of the social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth of students. We strive to provide an environment where all students feel safe and are able to develop skills and practices that are needed to succeed as lifelong learners.

Our Faith Identity

Developing a Faith Identity

As part of the St John Vianney’s Parish we endeavour to build a faith filled community in which all members respect each other and live out the Gospel values. We provide opportunities for students to recognise the wonder of our world and to share their gifts with others. 


In conjunction with the Integrated Inquiry, students are exposed to the Scriptures, traditions, stories and teachings of the Catholic Church. The Religious Education program includes opportunities to learn about the major events of the Liturgical calendar and at St John Vianney’s there is a school based Sacrament program. In terms 2 & 3 each class prepares a Class Liturgy which is celebrated at the Friday Parish Mass. Parents are invited to attend the Class Mass and morning tea is shared after Mass.


The Religious Education program aims to guide our students in their relationship with God when encountering others, the church and their wider world.



Literacy is Central to All Learning

At St. John Vianney’s, literacy is central to all learning and staff are committed to implementing programs which have a positive influence on the learning progress of all students. All classes implement a daily two hour literacy block which comprises of Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening. There is an agreed whole school approach to the teaching strategies that best support the learning needs of each student.


Our main aims for essential learning in literacy are for students to:

  • read with understanding

  • speak with fluency, expression and confidence

  • develop their vocabulary

  • communicate their ideas in writing

  • develop their multi modal communication skills


The school recognises that for many of our students, English is their second language so appropriate teaching strategies are applied to support those students with their learning of English.

The school runs a Reading Recovery Program for Year 1 students requiring additional support in reading. This intensive program allows a student to work one on one with the reading recovery teacher.

The school runs a Levelled Literacy Intervention Program from Years 1-6. Students are able to work in small groups where they receive explicit teaching in Literacy. 


The school runs a Modelled Reading Program on Monday – Wednesday in Terms 2 -4 beginning at 8:30 until 8:45am. It allows students who would benefit from extra reading practice the opportunity to work with a tutor or mentor.  Often the tutors or mentors are senior students or parents/ parishioners volunteering their time.


Building Confidence and Connection with Mathematics in Everyday Life

At St. John Vianney's we recognise that Mathematics is an important part of everyday life. Number & Algebra, Measurement and Statistics & Probability are common aspects of most people's mathematical experience in everyday personal, study and work situations.

Through the teaching of Mathematics we aim for our students to:

  • demonstrate efficient and accurate mental computation strategies which enable successful functioning in everyday life

  • solve practical problems with mathematics

  • develop a positive attitude to Mathematics and a desire to investigate Maths concepts in everyday life

  • see mathematical connections and be able to apply mathematical concepts, skills and processes in posing and solving mathematical problems

  • be confident in one's personal knowledge of mathematics, to feel able both to apply it, and to acquire new knowledge and skills when needed


The school provides a Maths intervention Program for selected students in years 1-4 who require extra support in developing mental computation skills.


Participation in the Maths Olympiad Competition is offered to selected students in Years 5 & 6.

Integrated Inquiry Learning

Encouraging Reflective & Creative Thinking

Our Integrated Inquiry Learning units are designed around developing important conceptual understandings that can be applied to a wide range of contexts. Through engaging in inquiries about the world around us. We aim for our students to experience deep and relevant learning that encourages reflective and creative thinking. The rich concept of each Inquiry unit  is developed in conjunction with the Victorian Curriculum and can include learning within the subjects of History, Civics & Citizenship, Geography, Science, Health and Design & Technology.

Digital Technologies

Developing Digital Literacy Skills

At St John Vianney’s students have the opportunity to develop digital literacy skills and enhance their learning across all curriculum areas.  Students at all levels have experience in using coding programs such as Scratch and Scratch junior. The students use a range of hardware (including iPads, laptops, desktops, Chromebooks and Interactive white Boards) which are used extensively as tools to enhance learning.


Students have access to a wide variety of software to support teaching and learning. The Seesaw application is used by students to share their learning with their families in an effort to strengthen the relationship between school and home.

St John Vianney’s is recognised as an eSmart school. Programs related to cybersafety are implemented across all levels. We aim to develop skills and understandings which will enable students to become safe, responsible and respectful digital citizens.

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Specialist Program

Providing a Diverse Curriculum

At St John Vianney’s specialist programs in Library/ICT, Indonesian, Physical Education/Sport & Performing Arts are offered to students from Prep –Year 6.

Each Specialist Class is held once a week for 45 minutes.


Performing Arts

Encouraging Movement & Music in our Students

The Performing Arts program at St John Vianney’s includes drama, music and dance. Students are exposed to a wide variety of music and movement and are encouraged to participate in activities to enhance and develop their skills. Students at St John Vianney’s look forward to demonstrating their performance skills at the bi-annual school production.


Students in Years 2-6 at St John Vianney’s are invited to join the school choir. The choir sing at the Friday class masses as well as special events throughout the year.


Selamat Datang

Indonesian classes are held weekly for each class. Students learn basic Indonesian language, gain some understanding of Indonesian customs and culture as well as some geographical features of the country. Indonesian Day is celebrated bi-annually.


A Wide Range of Literature for Students to Enjoy

The Library at St John Vianney’s is a contemporary learning space which provides a wide range of literature for students to enjoy. The space has computer access for up to 28 students. The program offered in the Library is literature based with ICT tools used to enhance student learning. Students are encouraged to borrow from the library often and enjoy the facilities the space has to offer during class time and at lunchtimes.

Physical Education

Physical Eduction is an Integral Part of Development

Health and Physical Education is an integral part of our students’ development. Physical Education lessons provide coverage of all fundamental motor skills and through ‘Sporting Schools’ students have experience of specialist training in a range of sports. 

Students in Years 3-6 are involved in Cross Country and Athletics carnivals. Year 5-6 students participate in District Interschool Summer and Winter Sports and District Gala Days. All students are involved in our annual ‘Sports Day’.

Supporting Learners

A Little Extra Support For Our Learners

Speech Pathologist 

St John Vianney’s has on its staff a Speech Pathologist who works with students individually or in  small groups utilizing a range of language programs particularly around building vocabulary development. 


Occupational Therapist  

The school employs the services of an Occupational Therapist who works with students one day per week.

The school employs the services of a counsellor who works with students one day per
week. (See Student Wellbeing page)


Reading Recovery Teachers
The school provides 2 Reading Recovery teachers to support students in Year 1 (See Literacy).

Maths Intervention Teachers

Invention programs in Maths are offered to support students requiring assistance. (See Mathematics).