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Our Community

St John Vianney's Mulgrave

We are a welcoming and culturally diverse community.

The school's motto, 'Walking with Families in Faith and Knowledge' reflects the importance of positive relationships between home and school. At St. John Vianney's there are many opportunities for parents to work closely with the school. Families are encouraged to work with school in the education of their child. Parents are very welcome at St John Vianney’s and make a valuable contribution to the school.  The value of this partnership in education is of great value to the child, teacher and the parent.

Within the school, parents are able to assist in many ways including:

  • Parents & Friends Committee

  • St John Vianney’s School Advisory Board (Terms of Refernce)

  • Parent Helper Program – Literacy, Numeracy, Arts, Sport, Excursions

  • Attendance at Working Bees 

  • Canteen volunteer

  • Social and Fundraising Events


Families have the opportunity to use the Seesaw App. Seesaw is a platform which promotes them partnership between family and school. Students are able share their learning with their families. Families are encouraged to respond to the student's learning. Nothing is shared without teacher approval. It is a wonderful opportunity for families to have a look at what happens in the

Link for more information:

Download link for the Seesaw app: 


Parish Connection

A Strong Connection to Our Parish

We encourage our parents to be actively involved in the life of our Parish.

We encourage all parents and families to be involved in our Parish Fete Community Fun Day held each year on a Saturday in October.

Parish Contacts

Parish Administrator: Fr David Francis

Parish Assistant: Fr Casmir Arul


Parish Secretary: Mrs. Deslene de Niese

Parish Contact: 03 9546 3831

Mass Times

Mon-Fri: 9:00am

Wed-Fri: 7:30pm

Sat: 9:30am, 6:00pm

Sun: 8:30am, 10:00am, 5:30pm

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